by For Esmé

Following their self-titled 2013 debut, the evolution of For Esmé is unmistakeable. In SUGAR, we hear a collective voice and a definitive new sound; three artists bound into one distinct body. Soundscapes are addictive, seductive, and immersive. Lyrics are thoughtful in their intensity; approachable and unsettling all at once. Brought to life by noted producer James Bunton (Evening Hymns, Ohbijou), SUGAR latches on to you, resonating and reverberating from the outside in. 

Inspired by an apathetic generation, SUGAR is a call to arms - a cry for honesty, open eyes, and brave hearts. Inviting intimate and immediate themes, the album delves into anxiety, image crafting, the decay of relationships, and the implications of being female. Martha Meredith's lyrics infuse bright and heavy honey-drenched pop anthems with vulnerability and depth, revealing a quiet defiance in the face of the self-doubt and conformity that stains our existence. SUGAR is at its heart an ode to self-discovery, an album for losing yourself to the beat, and for losing your inhibitions. It’s about being raw and asking for realness, being present in the moment, and ultimately, immeasurably open to joy.

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